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Whether you are a first-time homeowner or not, it pays that you work with a new house builder that Athens clients like you can trust. Although finding the right new house builder for Athens projects can be difficult, you’ll do fine if you avoid the following mistakes:
Mistake #1 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Not Identifying Your Needs

new home construction in Athens

You are about to turn your dream home into reality. In the process, you’ll invest a lot of time, money, and effort. All of it will go to waste if you fail to nail down the basics at the outset. Identifying your goals and needs should be the first step of your project. This is a huge factor in choosing a new house builder for Athens clients.

The market is filled with capable and experienced builders, but they have different specializations. In selecting a new house builder, Athens clients should find the one that suits their specific needs and requirements.

Mistake #2 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Skipping the List
After setting your goals, make a list of potential builders. To do this, you can ask local real estate agents if they know a trustworthy new house builder for Athens. With their extensive networks, they may be able to recommend a new house builder to Athens homeowners like you.
You can also ask your family and friends for recommendations. They may have worked with a good new house builder for Athens in the past.
Mistake #3 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Not Researching Enough
Now that you have put together a list of builders, narrow it down so you can find the ideal new house builder for Athens. This is where you browse the builders’ portfolios and check references. In this stage of choosing a new house builder, Athens homeowners are encouraged to ask feedback from the clients of the new house builder for Athens.
If possible, visit the candidate’s in-progress and completed projects. Once you are in the site, remember to take note of all your observations. They are helpful in choosing a new house builder for Athens projects.
Mistake #4 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Not Asking Questions
As you talk to prospective builders, ask all the questions you have in mind. Doing so allows you to get to know the candidates more and see who stands out from the pack in terms of experience and service details.
In selecting a new house builder, Athens clients must never be afraid to ask questions, especially the following:
How long have you been in the industry?
Are you licensed and insured?
What kind of new home warranty do you offer?
What are the standard features of the homes you build?
Mistake #5 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Ignoring the Red Flags
In the process of searching for a new house builder for Athens projects, you’ll meet builders with different backgrounds and levels of experience. When you interview a new house builder for Athens, watch out for the red flags.

If something doesn’t feel right, make sure to ask for a second opinion. The following signs may help you know when to steer clear of a particular new house builder for Athens:

The new house builder for Athens does not have a work portfolio.
The new house builder for Athens cannot provide references.
The new house builder for Athens avoids project-related questions.

Mistake #6 in Picking a New House Builder for Athens: Rushing Your Decision
Don’t be too hasty in choosing a new house builder. Athens homeowners like you must take time gathering information and thinking which new house builder for Athens fits the job.

Get the Benefits of Working With a First-Rate New House Builder for Athens

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The Reputable Home Manufacturers We Work With

Because we’re committed to the uncompromising quality of our products and services, we partner with only some of the best manufacturers in the field. With our combined expertise in the sector, we’re able to deliver to our customers something that can’t be matched anywhere else.


Having been in the manufactured housing industry since 2003, KABCO has built a loyal customer base and name for themselves. Their founders have worked in the sector for more than 35 years, and their collaboration results in pure excellence and innovation.


TruMH aims to deliver affordable housing solutions to everyone. They’re able to bring this goal to fruition without compromises by focusing on factory-select standard specifications with low margins and low overhead.

Clayton Homes

As a national builder of manufactured homes, Clayton Homes focuses on superior comfort and quality. No matter your housing needs, you can count on this company to help you make the most of your investment.

Franklin Homes

Founded in 1969 in Russellville, AL, Franklin Homes is a company built on the principle of unsurpassed craftsmanship. They have designed, built, and installed thousands of homes with the best interests of their clients in mind.


A trusted name in the field, DEER VALLEY HOMEBUILDERS, INC takes pride in their self-enforced standards and exceptional building quality. Investing in homes manufactured by them gives residents peace of mind knowing they’re getting their dollars worth.

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